We are seeking expressions of interest from labs around the world that would like to be part of our Early Adopter trial.

Free of charge, it will give you access to leading technology, and a head start on your next experiment. We can only sustain a limited number of free trials, so be quick and simply answer these quick questions to secure your place.

Who is Mass Dynamics?

Mass Dynamics exists to equip proteomics and discovery scientists with simple and rapid ways to dissect complex questions in human disease, leading to the acceleration of discoveries. 

Being discovery researchers, we understand some of the common workflow challenges faced today - this has inspired our first product. Being launched in early 2019, it will address long analysis turnaround times, lack of technical skills, licensing costs, repeatability and variability - to name just a few. Having the ability to run anywhere and anytime, Mass Dynamics will change the way that discovery researchers think about proteomics workflows. 

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Tell us about the challenges you and your lab face
A large portion of a proteomics researchers’ working life is spent processing complex data sets. Known as the “proteomics workflow”, scientific evidence is generated by processing experimental data using 5 core steps: Feature Detection, Data Processing, Search, Data Analysis and Visualisation - a process that can take upwards of 2 weeks. Globally, very few labs have the ability to create an efficient proteomics workflow to a high standard, with many expressing frustrations, as per below. Please check as many boxes as you wish, as they relate to you and your lab. We experience: